According to the philosophers of Ancient Greece, the summit of achievement was to have followed the injunction to ‘know yourself.’

While we all have some ideas about who we are, the knowledge we have is often patchy, and we have few opportunities to be guided in reflecting on our personality traits.

This questionnaire does not aim to summarise the whole self, but to suggest a few themes which might be prominent in our characters, with the hope of helping us to live more wisely with the different parts of ourselves.


(1 / 13)

Which image are you more drawn to at the moment?

(2 / 13)

What is the high point of a work day?

(3 / 13)

What are the top three things you would like in a long-term relationship?


(4 / 13)

You buy a coffee at the shop, but the staff member who made it didn’t put the lid on properly and you spill it down yourself. People turn to look.

Which two initial reactions are likely to be strongest in your mind?


(5 / 13)

You are going to a dinner party with a few of your closest friends. What do you choose to wear?

Choose up to two.


(6 / 13)

What is the strongest feeling this image gives you?

(7 / 13)

What are you most likely to be found doing on the beach? Choose up to two.


(8 / 13)

If you could live in a video game for one day, which would you choose?

(9 / 13)

Which of the following titles for this image appeals to you most?

(10 / 13)

You are learning a foreign language, and after a few months someone says ‘you’ve gotten a lot better’.
In addition to feeling pleased about the compliment, is there any other feeling you are likely to have as well?

Choose up to two.


(11 / 13)

Think of a time in school when you got grades that were worse than expected. What went through your mind?

Choose up to two.


(12 / 13)

If you told a story about this image, what might its theme be?

(13 / 13)

Here is a scene from a dream. Which of the following phrases best describes the image?

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Below the surface everyone is pretty complicated. Based on your answers, we think the following trait is an important strand in your personality:

Knowing that one’s way of relating to others carries a name is one step on the path towards greater self-knowledge and change where change feels necessary. Each of these patterns relates back to particular experiences in childhood and ways of having been parented. 50% of people in the US are estimated to be securely attached, with the other half divided into anxious and avoidant quarters. We don’t need to be free of psychological hurdles to deal with life, but knowing how to explain in good time who we are, and where we might be tricky, is a central to forming good enough relationships.

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