Romantic and Realist are words that capture two characteristic ways of being. Each of us is likely to be more one than the other. We might think that being a Romantic is something we do in our relationships and being a Realist is about purely practical matters, but these two categories explain a lot about us in our lives more generally; how we approach nature, what makes us laugh, what our politics are. This questionnaire offers some helpful guidance as to what characteristics best describe our personality, holding up a useful and thought-provoking mirror to our characters.


(1 / 9)

Which of these images would you most like to hang from your bedroom wall?

(2 / 9)

You’re about to cook dinner, when you realise you’ve lost the recipe. Do you:

(3 / 9)

You leave your phone at home and go for a stroll in the forest, but after an hour you realise you’re lost. Are you most likely to:

(4 / 9)

What comes to mind when you look at this photo?

(5 / 9)

You meet up with a friend and they arrive wearing an outlandish new jacket which you think is rather ugly. Do you:

(6 / 9)

You hear news of a scandal in which a politician wrongly claimed £2,000 of tax payer’s money for personal expenses. How would you react?

(7 / 9)

You come across this advert in an old magazine. What do you think?

(8 / 9)

Which of these chairs would you rather have in your house?

(9 / 9)

How would you describe the sort of person you deeply admire?

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Both Romantic and Realist orientations have important truths to impart. Neither is wholly right or wrong. They need to be balanced. And none of us are in any case ever simply one or the other. However, based on your answers, it appears that you are more of a:

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