Realists favour clear modes of expression and precise thinking. They enjoy analysing things, taking their time and being careful – because they believe that everyone will ultimately benefit if we’re more methodical. They prefer to be polite rather than risk causing offence and have a gallows sense of humour about the ills of the world. On balance, they know that things could always be worse, and it’s important to focus instead on the things in life which are dependable and comforting.

Realists tend to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship; that practical considerations are just as important as passion and commitment. A Realist will tend to have no problem with evaluating a friendship and asking how well it’s currently working, because they understand that relationships often need maintenance in order to stay healthy. This does not mean that emotions are unimportant to them, they simply realise that disagreements and conflict are inevitable as we get to know one another intimately.


Romantics relish things that seem slightly to defy rational explanations. They are enthusiastic about feelings and wary of the intellect as a guide to life. They like things to be spontaneous and passionate – not instructive and serious. The Romantic person is also devoted to saying what they think or feel. They are allergic to the idea of being fake or of having secrets. They are idealistic, earnest and like things which are distinct and out of the ordinary.

Romantics are also deeply hopeful about love and relationships. They tend to believe that we should embrace someone for who they are, and allow the intensity of our feelings – whether for a friend or a partner – to smooth over any problems in a relationship. It is an idealist approach, one that talks about ‘true love’ or ‘true friendship’ and expects passion to last indefinitely.

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