You are likely to be highly trusting of authority figures and have strong beliefs about the importance of certain moral values. You are unconcerned about diversity and believe that people should group together and accept majority decisions. You dislike people who, you feel, insist on being different in order to attract attention.


You are likely to be in favour of traditional values – and a strong form of leadership which enforces them – but you also understand that things change and new ideas have to be embraced from time to time. You tend to have good faith in institutions like the military and the law courts.


You likely sit somewhere in the middle of this debate, neither critical of strong authority figures nor particularly in favour of them. Perhaps you find it easy to see the argument from both sides, or believe that there are other issues in politics which are more important.


You are likely to be sceptical of authority figures – but also believe that certain situations can benefit from strong individual leadership – passionate about certain small groups of people being marginalized, but relaxed about the general workings of government.


You are likely to be very sceptical of those in positions of power, more interested in self-expression than ‘getting on’, and an outspoken critic of popular political or moral ideas. You may well identify as a pacifist and have little faith in institutions such as the police and the military.

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