At The School of Life, we believe that one should never be done with education. One should stay an active alumni, learning throughout life. And not just in the areas of study – the natural sciences, history, business, etc. – that we’ve come to understand as the core subjects of education itself.

Instead, we believe that the aim of education is to prepare students for adult life. This won’t always involve studying formulas, memorizing dates or learning about different business strategies. We are just as desperately in need of education on how to communicate well with the people we love, how to deal with envy or frustration in the workplace and how to adequately investigate our own deepest desires and needs.

An ideal course of education would begin with the understanding that we are extremely prone to misunderstanding ourselves, that we do not automatically have a correct or insightful view of what we are up to, what we want from our lives, or what we might need to learn in order to get there. With this in mind, we have put together a questionnaire that probes at your mood, impulses and desires in order to understand what most interests and troubles you at the moment. It will then guide you toward courses in our Curriculum; classes designed according to the principles of internal growth, personal fulfilment and psychological progress.


(1 / 9)

Which of these most appeals to you at the moment?

(2 / 9)

You wake up on a typical weekday, what’s the first thought that goes through your head?

(3 / 9)

When a friend calls, I hope they…

(4 / 9)

What thought does this image bring to mind?

(5 / 9)

When you’re growing up, what no one tells you about life is: (Pick up to two)


(6 / 9)

A nightmare holiday would involve…

(7 / 9)

Describe this image.

(8 / 9)

What sort of things have made you envious recently?

(9 / 9)

What would you ideally like someone to feel compassionate towards you for?

Thank you for taking the time to complete our questionnaire. We hope it hasn’t been too taxing.

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Many of our uncertainties in life, as well as many of our aspirations, are cloudy and vague – even if they are strongly felt. Who do I envy? What career really excites me? What am I annoyed or anxious about? These are questions we don’t automatically know the answer to and can often get confused about (we shout at the wrong person, take the wrong job, miss opportunities…). Our instincts in these areas are hugely consequential for our lives – and the lives of those closest to us – and yet instinct will not be enough. This is why our classes at The School of Life offer a gentle but firm enquiry into those parts of our lives which too often go unexamined. Our Curriculum Quiz is not an exact science – and we can’t promise it will be perfectly accurate – but based on your answers it seems as if you might enjoy…