Open to Therapy One Day

You’re pretty ambivalent about therapy: you don’t want to dismiss the whole thing. You know it’s a good idea to travel inside your mind and look at emotional problems from a variety of angles. However, you’re not ready to pay a huge amount and devote a whole lot of time to a process which remains pretty doubtful. You’re not saying a definitive no, but for now, you might just wait this one out.

Ready for Therapy

Your answers suggest that you are broadly speaking open to many of the central assumptions of therapy, namely, that our childhoods have a huge impact on whom we are as adults, that many very painful memories are repressed and awkward longings denied, that there is wisdom in talking problems through rather than holding them in... That isn’t to say you wouldn’t be slightly daunted in the presence of an actual therapist, or might not be disappointed by the first one you see (it can take a while to find someone you really click with), but in general, you and therapy can be said to have a future.

Opposed to Therapy

The modern world can seem to you insanely obsessed with therapy. Everyone talks about it, makes claims for it and invests in it. And yet the results don’t seem especially clear to you. You might have seen people have therapy and observed that they don’t appear to be any wiser or better at the end of it. Simply poorer. You know that life isn’t simple, but at the same time, you refuse to devote the hours to introspection that therapy demands. Sometimes, it really is better not to think too much and get busy instead. You’ve been patient to this point, but it’s fine to admit the truth plainly: therapy isn’t for you.

If you are interested in learning more about the underlying concepts behind therapy, we have a number of helpful resources available from our Shop.

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What is Psychotherapy?

At The School of Life, we believe that consulting a psychotherapist should be as accessible and as normal as getting a haircut or going to the dentist. Therapy isn’t for the select or distressed few; we believe that therapy is for everybody. We offer psychotherapy, couple therapy, premarital therapy, career counselling and group therapy services. To find out more, click the link below.

Therapy at The School of Life