Our sleeping patterns can feel exceedingly - and almost beautifully - personal. How much or how little we sleep can appear to be simply an accident of nature or physiology - nothing that we would necessarily be able to reflect on, or indeed alter.

However, the amount that we are able to sleep each night can be traced back to a host of factors - some quite apart from the direct mechanics of sleep, many of them psychological in nature, that we are well able to turn over in our minds and draw conclusions from.

What follows is a short questionnaire - which could be done in the middle of the night (or not) - investigating your relationship with one of the most important partners you will ever be faced with: sleep.


(1 / 10)

Roughly, how much time do you devote to ‘processing’ (reflecting on and sifting through) your thoughts and feelings every day?

(2 / 10)

There’s an unexpected ring at the door at a strange time. Which of these is likely to be your first thought?

(3 / 10)

Which of these best describes your primary care-giver in childhood?

(4 / 10)

An unexpected new bit of work comes in three minutes before you wanted to leave the office. What do you do?

(5 / 10)

How guilty do you often feel?

(6 / 10)

How much time do you have left to do what you need to do in life?

(7 / 10)

How do you feel about yourself?

(8 / 10)

How satisfied are you with your relationship(s)?

(9 / 10)

How satisfied are you with your career?

(10 / 10)

Which feels more likely in your eyes?

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