As the kinds of work we do have become increasingly social and collaborative, what matters isn’t just how hard or well we work - but how well we work with others.

Even if we consider ourselves model employees - punctual, diligent, and eager to please - we’re likely to possess certain unhelpful behaviours and characteristics that make working with us, at times, a struggle.

Inspired by our newest book, How to Get On With Your Colleagues, we’ve created a brief questionnaire designed to help you identify some of the ways you might be difficult to work with.


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Your boss stops by your desk to brief you on a difficult and time-consuming piece of work. They’ve asked you to deliver it first thing tomorrow morning, which you know will mean you’ll have to stay late tonight to have it done in time. How are you likely to respond?

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Someone higher up in the office hierarchy calls you into their office to reprimand you for failing to deliver a piece of work on time. You feel aggrieved, since it was actually another member of your team who was responsible for the hold up. How are you likely to respond?

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During an ideas meeting, a colleague suggests a bold and outlandish proposal for a new product or service - one your business has no previous experience in creating or delivering. How do you respond?

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You’re part of a team delivering a presentation to a client. On the morning of the presentation, the lead presenter calls in sick, and the rest of the team turn to you to deliver the presentation in their stead - leaving you only half an hour to rehearse. How do you respond?

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Out of the blue, you receive an email from your boss inviting you for a private chat in their office - without giving a reason why. What do you assume the reason is?

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On top of your other work, you’ve been asked to prepare an in-depth piece of research on a potential new audience. You’ve been given a fortnight to complete it ahead of delivering it to all the heads of department. How are you likely to approach doing the research?

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You walk into the kitchen at work to find a group of colleagues intensely whispering in the corner - who immediately stop when they see you approaching. What do you assume they were discussing?

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Your office manager announces a new initiative - in order to boost morale, every morning, everyone in the office has to gather in a circle and say one thing they’re appreciate about others in the office. How do you respond?

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